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Slope Glazing


Hankins and Johann HJ 2500SG Slope Glazing System is factory prepared for on-site assembly.

  • Extrusions manufactured from 6063-T6 alloy and temper.
  • Framing members have integral gutters for draining condensation to the exterior of the system.
  • Hinge type anchors are used to align and fasten the rafters to the building.
  • Interior glazing gaskets are EPDM extruded material.
  • Exterior seal is pre-shimmed poly tape, silicone compatible.


What kind of performance can you expect from our Slope Glazing system when tested in accordance with:

bullet ASTM E283-91, Air infiltration will not exceed .06 CFM P.S.F.
bullet ASM E331-93, No water penetration will occur at a test pressure of 12.0 P.S.F.


The Slope Glazing system is available in architectural Class I or Class II anodic coating or painted finishes complying with AAMA 2603-98, 2604-98 or 2605-98 requirements.

If the product you are inquiring about is not listed, please feel free to contact us about your specific needs and requirements.


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