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Curtain Walls


Hankins and Johann manufactures a wide range of Curtain Wall systems all of which are fabricated in the factory and shipped K.D.  for assembly on-site.

bullet HJ 2000CW 2" nominal bullet HJ 3000CW 3" nominal
bullet HJ 2250CW 2 1/4" nominal bullet HJ 3250CW 3 1/4" nominal
bullet HJ 2500CW 2 1/2" nominal bullet HJ 4000CW 4" nominal
bullet HJ 2520CW 2 1/2" Nominal Interior / Exterior Glazed bullet HJ 4020CW 4" x 6 3/4" Interior / Exterior Glazed
bullet HJ 2540CW 2 1/2" Nominal Interior Glazed    


The performance you can expect from our Curtain Wall systems when tested in accordance with AAMA 501-94.
"Methods of test for exterior walls" are:

bullet ASTM E283-98: Air infiltration shall not exceed .06 CFM P.S.F.
bullet ASTM E331-93 Static Water: No water penetration at a test pressure of 12.0 - 15.0 P.S.F depending on the model system.

Coming Soon: Detailed views, downloadable in AutoCAD format.
bullet HJ2500CW
bullet HJ2520CW


If the product you are inquiring about is not listed, please feel free to contact us about your specific needs and requirements.


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