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Hankins & Johann, Inc. is eminently qualified for fabrication of all types of architectural aluminum work.

  The firm, beginning in 1919, quickly established itself as a quality, architectural metal manufacturer. Then in 1932, it joined the pioneers of architectural aluminum by fabricating the first aluminum curtain wall to be erected in the United States. Since that time, except during World War II, when the entire plant was engaged in defense production, Hankins & Johann, Inc. has continued to pioneer in architectural aluminum work of all types and designs.

  Its modern anodizing and finishing facility, one of the first installed in the East, is capable not only of doing all of the firm's own finishing requirements, but also a large volume of contract finishing. While steadily adding to it's own lines of standard aluminum building products, Hankins & Johann has further enhanced its long-standing reputation with the fabrication of many and varied custom designs so that it is the symbol of quality and dependability.


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